There are many types of stair design ideas and choosing one will depend on a few considerations.

A stairway is more than a way to get from one floor to another; a stairway is a passageway that creates an aesthetic and emotional effect on anyone passing over it. By carefully selecting materials, design, light and color, you can use your stairs to set just the right mood. In addition to connecting the lower and upper floors, stairs can be processed into an impressive focal point. What kind of stairs quite varied, ranging from simple straight or elbow, also spiral staircase with a more complicated construction. Oblique and curved staircase shape is more artistically designed with great precision the time.

Make the most out of the extra space in your hallway by making a miniature den at the landing. Create a relaxing nook directly to the side of the staircase by installing a loveseat, putting in a small end table with a lamp, and adding an Oriental rug or some other area rug with warm colors to create a homey feel. If you have the room, add a small footstool or bookshelf to complete the den look and put in a small potted plant to give the space something organic.

You can give your house an updated look with a modern staircase design. Install a metal stairway with glass walls and steel banisters. Put in high skylights above the stairway to take best advantage of the gleaming metal and transparent glass. Alternatively, install a floating staircase for a more minimalist appeal. Floating staircases are only anchored on one end and have no riser, creating the impression of floating in mid-air. They can go straight up or curve gracefully around a central support pillar. Install a single banister on the wall or pillar side to balance on. One thing you see a lot on modern staircases is designer carpet. Going with a pattern on the staircase can add something to the overall look of your house. If you have a prominent staircase in your home, it can provide a focal point for people entering the house. Animal prints and geometric designs are popular with modern staircases. Make sure you buy a high-quality carpet for the stairs, since they endure high traffic.

The risers are often given a neutral color or one that matches the tread, and are very rarely highlighted by staircase design. Go against the grain by painting your risers in an interesting way. Paint each riser a slightly different color to get an attractive, rainbow effect going up the stairway. Alternatively, paint the risers with abstract geometrical patterns to add visual interest to your staircase. If you are very artistic, paint a mural on the risers so that, looking at the stairs from the bottom, you can see a forest scene, a mountain or some other picturesque image.

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