Usually the mudrooms that are designed are according to the following designs – laundry mudroom, garden mudroom, closet mudroom, library mudroom and indoor play room mudroom. The laundry mud room can be designed according to the need of the owner of the house. The mudroom can be made in such a way in the beginning of the house that it can hold a washing machine and laundry basket as well as a good amount of laundry in it. The laundry mud room should be designed in such a way that the dirty laundry from the whole house can settle in it. If the mud room is big enough it can also be used for ironing the clothes as well.

The garden mudroom can be designed in such a way that it can hold all kind of gardening tools in it. This kind of mudroom should have a door towards the outer side of the house or maybe even an extra door to that can be used easily to place the gardening tools in it. The door should be big enough that wheel barrow, lawn mower, ladder and other gardening tools can easily pass through it.

In smaller houses it is hard to find a place to make a mud room. It is important that it is near to the main door so that the main effect of keeping the dirt out of the house stays. In small houses it is good to keep a small mudroom. A walk in closet sort of thing is a good option. This way the muddy and wet things can be kept in and the rest of the house can also be kept clean and neat. All the books of the house can be placed in the mudroom. The mudroom can work as a library as it is a bit aloof from the rest of the house and is may be quieter than many other rooms. The trunks or the shelves can hold all kind of books. A nice easy chair or an old rocking chair can be a good addition to the library mud room. The rest of the things associated with a mud room can be placed accordingly. This kind of a mud room is a good option for children. They can easily play indoor games in it. In winters the mudrooms are a cozy place as they do not have any windows and are stacked up with heavy winter coats and things. Children enjoy sitting in a different part of the house except for their own rooms and create a mess. This room can be kept untidy for a few hours and go unnoticed being a bit out of the main house.

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