Laundry room design ideas include a number of considerations like fashion or decorations, organizations and storage, and also the functions within the room.

Laundry rooms used to be the neglected room in the house. Find a closet or another room large enough for a washer and dryer, and that was all you needed. These days, the Laundry Room Design has become an important working area for a busy home, and careful thought and planning will create a multi-functional area that works for washing, drying, and folding as well as numerous other household chores.

The best laundry rooms boast fashion. If you make it a nice place to work, you’re less likely to avoid going there, right? Create a theme that fits with the rest of your décor. Add some pretty wallpaper and some eyelet curtains. Pick up an arts-and-crafts table for folding duties. Metal and plastic aren’t the only materials in the laundry world, so upgrade to wicker or rattan laundry baskets that can double as hampers. Hang art on the wall, and add a throw rug or two. Washers and dryers have gotten a lot sleeker and more attractive, so if their style fits your décor, don’t be afraid to add some flash.

Use neutral paint on the walls and ceilings. You can go with white, cream, yellow or beige. Wallpaper wouldn’t be a good idea since the room can flood. While you want the walls to be light, which makes the room seem larger, choose a dark color for the flooring. Make sure the floor is water-resistant, too. Ceramic tile or sheet vinyl is ideal. These surfaces are easy to clean and can handle some spills without damage. Put a few no-slips, throw rugs in front of the appliances. This gives you a comfortable area to stand upon as you work. Furthermore, you can also create a message center for your family as a way to decorate the room. You can hang a corkboard, chalkboard, or dry erase board in the laundry room and turn it into a central location for keeping track of family activities. Post each family members schedule for the week on there or list chores that children need to do. A great way to stay organized.

The laundry rooms we love exude personality and style, but it’s also important that they’re hyper-functional, which means ample sorting bins and cabinet space for supplies and, of course, plenty of counter space for folding. If you have room for your ironing board and lots of hamper space, even better. And don’t forget places to store laundry baskets when they’re not in use.

No worries if you don’t have a designated laundry room. Kitchen nooks, bathrooms and even hallways can all be cleverly outfitted to do double duty. Laundry rooms perform well with clever cabinetry solutions that can also be used for other functions of the household. For example, a hallway laundry area may have a countertop used for folding laundry by day and a buffet service for dinner guests by night. A lot of laundry areas are stuffed in dark closets or basements, and given the amount of time you spend in them; they’re akin to offices without windows. Putting your laundry area in a space with lots of natural light can make the deed seem less dour. Plus, you’ll be able to see the stains better.

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