Begin by determining the best position for your television screen, depending on its size and shape as well as the room dimensions, walls, ceiling and positioning of furnishings therein, since they will influence your quality of sound. You may want to consider sound proofing your home theater room to reduce distractions of noise. You might also be interested in the different types of home theater furniture, such as cabinets and racks for display and proper placement of your home theater accessories and components. Many of these are quite attractive and budget friendly, while being a components secret hide out.

Lighting control is essential for good viewing pleasure, you may want to consider having a lighting control system installed or you can always string lighting ropes along the floor or ceiling to provide a small bit of lighting in your home theater room. Some people just want enough of a home theater experience to appreciate the great sounds and picture quality of their favorite music and broadcasting, while others are more enthusiastic in their endeavors of recreating a real in home theater atmosphere.

When choosing the décor for your home theater, consider a theme that creates the type of atmosphere suits your style and taste. For a family atmosphere, you can give your home theater room a Disney theme or hang pictures of animated characters, for example. Create an old-fashioned movie theater theme in the room with a red velvet curtain and classic movie posters. Whichever theme you choose, fill the walls with posters from your favorite movies, from horror movies to romantic comedies, to suit your home theater theme.

You may choose to place your home theater in the basement of the house to avoid light seeping into the room from outside. Basements typically have fewer and smaller windows that prevent natural sunlight from coming into the room. Heavy draperies and room-darkening shades keep the light out of the room for perfect movie viewing. The home theater should have lights installed to prevent accidents when walking in the darkened room. Install lights along the floor to keep the room dark while still providing enough light to see the walkway.

Comfortable theater seats help to create an enjoyable atmosphere in a home theater. If you have the space, create rows of seats in the room to create a real cinema experience in your home. You can also create a comfortable arrangement in the room with tables and reclining chairs. Furthermore, create your own concession stand in the home theater. Add an old-fashioned popcorn maker and small refrigerator to provide snacks during movies. The concession stand is a convenient place to put out trays of snacks during a movie night with friends and family.

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