Fireplace design ideas can have many different options depending on your preferences and liking such as indoor or outdoor fireplace. The center for fireplace design will focus on doors, screens and accessories. Mantel is another important consideration for fireplace design.

In the days before centralized heating became common in homes, the fireplace hearth was the center of the home, the place where the family would gather on cold winter nights to read, share stories about the day’s happenings or simply enjoy the warmth of the fire. Although by strict definition the hearth refers to the floor of the fireplace, which extends into the room, the word also now means family life or home life. The fireplace hearth is usually paved with non-combustible materials such as cement, brick and flagstone although tiles can also be used. If you’re into do-it-yourself projects you can decorate this part of your fireplace to give it a warmer, homier look.

Your fireplace can be the centerpiece of the room, gathering the attention of everyone’s eyes as they walk into the room. Some fireplace design ideas include using a mantel, beautiful doors, stylish screens, and interesting surrounds.

The mantel of your fireplace is a critical focal point. It may be your primary decoration focal point. The mantel should be one of the first items in your fireplace design ideas. You can use a beautiful natural wood, a painted wood mantel, stones, or even a tiled mantel. Of course your mantel is just the starting point of your design; it needs to blend with your other components.

The next area which blends with your mantel is your fireplace surrounds. Your surround is the frame for your fireplace design ideas. Most times the fireplace surrounds will be built from the same materials as your mantel. Of course, using a contrasting mantel and surrounds can also look fantastic. Depending on your taste, the surrounds can be many different colors. White has been a very popular color for surrounds, but natural woods and stone is also very beautiful. Since we are using our mantel and surrounds to frame our fireplace, it needs to look equally magnificent.

The center of your fireplace design ideas will be the doors, screens, and accessories. Fireplace doors can be very simple to very elaborate. A simple door can just have glass panes with a metal frame. An elaborate door will have many panes of glass, and metal work, creating a focal design with the doors. The metal work in the door can range from chrome silver, to gold, and even simple flat black. Hiding behind the doors, but quickly coming to the front once the doors are open is the screens. You don’t want to have ugly screens that would just distract from the overall beauty of your fireplace.