Fireplace screens are another place you can really show your own style and taste. Screens can be as simple as a wire mesh screen, to screens with designs inlaid into the screen. Screens come in a wide variety of colors, with some screens even being multi-colored. Keep in mind the functional part of your screen choices also. A screens primary function is to contain sparks from exiting your fireplace, while allowing the heat to warm the room. A functional screen can also be beautiful, so explore your options for creating a picture perfect fireplace.

Thinking through your fireplace design ideas, will require getting a good mental picture of combining your mantel, surrounds, doors, and screens into a cohesive picture. As we all know, just because one piece looks great individually, it may not mesh well with the other pieces. As you are planning your design, also consider your tools and accessories. You will want to purchase a stand and tools for your fireplace that look great on display. If you have items you will display on the mantel, take them into consideration while choosing your colors and designs.

One design idea that is often overlooked is the orientation and depth of the firebox. If you go with a larger firebox, that gives you much more room for larger fires. And while you may not want a bonfire in your fireplace, the extra room allows the fire to breathe and gives you maneuverability when you are adding wood or using your poker to maneuver the wood that is already part of the fire. A smaller firebox is more refined and is better if you are going with a gas fireplace because the smaller space tends to push the heat from the flames out the front.

The corner fireplace is another fireplace idea that can be used to enhance a room with limited space. There are two options with this type of fireplace, the built in option or the standalone version. The standalone corner fireplace, are much more cost effective, performs well and is a pragmatic choice. When you install a corner fireplace, venting can be achieved through an installed vent or chimney, if wood is being burnt in the fireplace. For those that are gel fuelled, no chimney is required. These fireplaces are available in many finishes and styles to meet any budget and taste.

Perhaps you’re interested in something completely different like an outdoor fireplace so you can enjoy the outside even during the cooler nights, and what an interesting and attractive feature to add to your garden. You will create a central feature that everyone can sit and enjoy, whilst keeping warm around a rustic fireplace mantel. Of course, if you’ve not found an off the shelf product that suits either the inside or outside of your house, you can always have a custom fireplace mantel. There is no doubt that all fireplace design ideas add great benefit to any room, small or large, whatever material they are constructed from and most individuals’ faces light up at the thought of a room with a fire.

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