One great way to tie the family room together is through a theme. If your family is really into movies, decorate with movie posters from some of your favorite family flicks. Or decorate the room around a particular sport or favorite team. Use team colors for inspiration in fabrics and paints. If you’d like to keep the room from feeling too “theme-y,” simply create a neutral background with paints and fabrics and use small amounts of those accent colors throughout the room. Add a couple of jerseys or other memorabilia in tasteful shadow boxes and the theme are established without looking too much like a sports bar.

The family room can be as creative as you want it to be. Set up a craft table for the kids if you have the space, which can also double as a table to play board games with the family. Consider the kind of activities that you will be doing in the room with your family when you are choosing the furnishings. The possibilities are limitless for this fun room in the home.

Another modern interior design idea for a family room is the color scheme. The dominant color of the family room should enable the individuals in it to relax and enjoy their stay there. Wood paneling may work for a family room or plain light colored walls can also house the many different appliances and toys that may be added to the family room. Dark color schemes may not work so well for a family room as the gloomy interior may discourage a longer stay but there are also dark colors that may appeal to the individual family members.

All changes in the family Room should be in line with the needs of all family members. So, you should generally choose the bigger Room to include most activities like books and reading table, TV & entertainment system, a place for the PC and an area for babies or kids toys. Storage is a very important point for family Rooms to make space. Modern decoration Ideas include walls with spaces to place the home theatre system and book shelves with a retractable table for readers.

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