Rustic interior design ideas create a different look and feel to the living environment. There are some considerations when implementing this type of interior design such as the lighting, fabrics and upholstery as well as color.

Ever been to a romantic mountain cabin or stayed in hunting or fishing lodge? If so, it may have been decorated in a rustic country theme. A country style home, cottage, or log cabin, with a rustic theme gives a sense of warmth and coziness. This decorating style has grown in popularity over the years. Many who like this style fail to decorate for lack of ideas to get started. Several things to consider before starting a project of this size are sure to coordinate furniture, color, and accessories so that the results are satisfying. Natural colors are the best choice for that truly rustic country feel. Knotty pine and cedar walls and ceilings covered with a clear dull wood finish really open up any room. Natural tones are the perfect start to a country home.

Rustic interior design is country side ambience which applied as one of the interior design. Commonly, this interior style uses many natural accents on the furniture, floor, and the wall. Wood and stone are typical material which commonly applied to create the rustic accent in the house. Brown, green, glossy black and other neutral colors are often used to reflect rustic idea on the house. But currently, there are also some of modern house decoration themes which combine the modernism with a rustic feel on the design.

Unless you are decorating from start to finish, or doing a complete interior remodel, don’t start buying furniture and decorating supplies. Accessorize what you already own. Paint pallets from a local paint center with the same color as the interior walls are very handy to have when you start choosing furniture and accessories that will complement the decor.

If new furniture is in the budget and part of the planned makeover, be sure to check out places like Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, and Cabalas, for nice log furniture and some unique rustic country accessories.

Old homemade quilts are definitely a plus and give a nice touch to country decor. Linen stores and some supercenters, carry pretty country patchwork quilts in a variety of colors and patterns. Common color choices for the country look include: dusty rose, burgundy, country blue, and forest green. A tree trunk coffee or end tables make nice additions to the rustic design. Taxidermy mounts, antler-shed chandeliers, skull mounts, and log bunk beds are a few other decorating ideas.

Rustic shades on antique or country style lamps can add warmth to a living room or bedroom. Transform plain neutral color shades into rustic craft projects with a little know-how about crafting. Use soft white light bulbs at a low wattage, for a truly cozy feeling.

Place an old wooden quilt trunk at the foot of the bed, complete with a patchwork quilt folded on top, adds rustic charm as well as storage space. The Old timey tin milk cans make a good floral or craft arrangement holders. Nature paintings and wagon wheels can add character to walls.

Fabrics and upholstery should reflect a simpler model as well. You defiantly want to go for silks and damask when choosing fabrics for your rustic interior design style. Ok…I’m kidding! Just making sure you are paying attention. What you really want is a basic, natural material like cotton for example.

A woven accent blanket exhibiting a southwestern motif or a striped pillow reminiscent of a trendy ski lodge could be used to nice effect depending on how you want to position your look. Plaid is another option. And don’t forget the effectiveness of hand-made candles to give your rustic style the perfect aura.

Leather is a great choice for upholstery. The neat thing about a leather chair is it sits well in a rustic interior (no pun intended), and it’s also very comfortable. You just can’t beat that!

Rustic interior design is a perfect style choice if you want to create a casual, simple living space that is in touch with nature.

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