There are varieties for nail salon design ideas and choosing a suitable one will require a few considerations such as the themes, wall decoration, lighting, type of atmosphere, equipment as well as the overall organization within the salon.

Creating the right atmosphere in your nail salon is a vital part of attracting and keeping clients. A number of factors influence the atmosphere, including colors, lighting, decor items and display areas. Determine the mood you want in your salon, and then invest in a design that conveys that feeling.

One of the first things your client would come across is the waiting room. The design of the waiting room will give the client a clear indication of how the treatment is going to be like. The waiting room should be designed in a way, which would make your clients want to wait and look forward to the nail treatments you offer. A sleek wooden desk, bouquets of pretty flowers, scents of some essential oils, comfortable yet stylish sofas and a bright curtain behind the check-in desk that separates the main room from the waiting room, seems perfect. Place booklets or catalogs having nail designs and styles making it easier for the client to select her design. Do not forget to place fashion magazines as well. Research shows that reading such magazines is one of the best ways to relax and feel beautiful from within.

Keep the wall decor simple yet classy, and splash colors that are soothing yet energizing. Colors affect moods of people, so play with them to get the best shade; a glance of which should have the ability uplift one’s mood instantly. Usually calming colors work best for your clients to relax, however if you are looking at a fast paced salon warm-energizing tones would suffice the need. As far as wall decors are concerned, don’t be afraid to display artifacts made of glass, stone or metal. You can also have wall hangings displaying the best of your works. Display of some wall murals complimenting the wall colors might add to the beauty of the ambiance. Decorating the walls with mirrors is another great idea as it makes your salon look spacious and beautiful at the same time!

A theme décor may set you apart from other salons, but may also result in a limited clientele. Choose a theme with interesting wall accessories. Hang Japanese lanterns, pictures of famous musicians or 1950s memorabilia on the wall. In a trendy environment, incorporate interesting angles, such as oddly shaped ultra-modern chairs and hexagonal or octagonal mirrors. Intense color changes, such as blacks with contrasting bright orange or fuchsia, can complement the feel.

Choose glass brown fluorescent lights, as they give the best effect of beautifully finished nails. Make use of chandeliers, candles and cane hangings. The light that these materials emit is gorgeous. Make sure your lighting matches the main decor. You can also cover the bulb with transparent papers of soft shades like pink, blue or mauve to create an unique atmosphere. While you plan your nail salon design, assign an adequate storage place for all the beauty products and supplies you will need. You could go in for a glass rack displaying your products for everyone to see, or a wooden sliding wardrobe accommodating all your supplies. The problem with a glass wardrobe being you have to organize your products in order, as your clients can see through, and in case you mess up the order it might not leave a good impression on your clients. So, plan accordingly.

Today, when you visit a salon you will find an array of equipment, chairs and manicure tables. Not that the clients would inspect these equipment, but having the correct salon equipment will show that you care for the clients and their satisfaction. Make sure you have all the equipment to enable your stylist to work without hassles and give in their best, so that you have your clients coming to you again and again.

Keep reception and retail areas clutter-free by storing magazines in decorative baskets and displaying brochures in literature holders. Racks and trash receptacles will keep the salon tidy. Decorative shelving will display products in an attractive manner. Paint a wall a bright contrasting color and install glass shelves, or position freestanding furniture-inspired displays in a wood finish. Prominently display the products that your stylists use during services for clients who want to buy them.

For successfully starting your own nail salon, it is important you plan its design well, considering your client base and all the factors mentioned above. Make sure your salon has all and more to please your clients and have them coming back for more!

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