There are a wide variety of small patio design ideas and it all depends on your personal preferences, liking and personality as well. You can also make use of themes, such as modern contemporary and Tuscan, in designing and decorating the patio.

The backyard is an extension of your home or an outdoor living space. The design of the patio should not only make the backyard space look beautiful, but should also serve your practical purposes. It can be done with the help of proper planning. There are certain aspects that have to be kept in mind while planning a design for your backyard. Before selecting any of the patio ideas for backyard, you should find out what are the purposes for which you want to use your backyard patio for. At the same time, the design should be a reflection of your personality as well.

One of the biggest design challenges that you’ll face is how to find cheap ways to make outdoor concrete look more interesting. Your furniture choice can blend in with this. For a modern touch find garden sectionals. This is going to turn even a small or simple patio into a hang out space. Resin and PVC versions of wicker are popular in most design styles, but you want to stick with a chocolate brown or a black tone. Skip your basic floral prints and stripes and go with crisp white fabrics to continue the contemporary feeling.

If you want a modern effect then focus on side tables with a led base. This isn’t going to be bright enough to read by; but it does add ambiance and is an unexpected lighting choice.

Bringing in stone on pillars or with pavers can be expensive. Instead, just try this out on your furniture. It will still match the gray of the concrete but it adds additional texture. Slate has orange undertones for a slightly Tuscan feeling to your space. If you’re on a budget and want to create this look then go with terra cotta planters and bright red cushions.

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