Porch is considered an important part of your house. Designing a great looking porch will require some considerations such as the flooring, paintings, furniture, as well as the lighting in the porch.

Your porch is an extension of your living space that not only links the exterior of your home to the other interior parts, but also connects you to the rest of your neighborhood. Hence, it’s important that you do it up tastefully. The porch is the quintessential American architectural feature that not only adds to prettify your home, but also makes for a great hangout zone. While front porches create first impressions about your homes, the back porches serve as the perfect stage for a casual get-together.

Your empty porch is like a blank canvas and you are the artist. You can paint it randomly or choose a theme and create a masterpiece. You can do up your porch depending on the style and space of your home. The fun part about decorating a porch is that you can play with different themes, textures, furniture and settings and modify it the way you want.

A beautifully designed front porch is like a huge welcome sign and offers a sneak-peek into the persona of your home. Your front porch décor should be relaxed and inviting. The front porch connects your interior with the exterior. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the overall theme of the décor of your home. Decorate your front porch as you would do your home interiors.

Flooring on porches is typically hard wood or concrete. Why not jazz it up and try painting your hardwoods a bright color or staining your concrete? Staining concrete will bring life back to your porch and is a simple process. The stains come in many shades. If you prefer a deeper shade on your porch, consider using more than 2 coats of concrete stain. Always allow 24 hours between each coat, and make sure you apply a sealant after you’ve applied the stain. A sealant will protect the concrete from daily wear and tear.