Wall design ideas involved a few considerations such as the color scheme to be used and also the design patters to be used. You can also express yourselves by using some patterns that are related to your hobbies or passions. Murals can also be used to enhance the designs.

A wall refers to be an important part that delineates a building and supports its superstructure and protects an area. Wall décor can transform the bare walls of your house into a visual delight while adding substantial personality and character to your walls. Wall decorating ideas can transform vibrant space in a room which is cold and uninviting into a warm area. Decorating your walls can be a way to express your personality, showcase favorite items and bring life into your home. Think outside the box: Why settle for just hanging a few pictures on the wall when you can do so much more? The first thing you need is a plan.

Here is a quick hit list to design and decorate your walls and perhaps create a whole new wall design and décor in the process. There are a range of ecofriendly wall design ideas to choose from, including recycled glass and plastics and a range of ceramics, besides the more obvious of paint or wallpaper. With a little imagination and creativity, you can give new and different look to your walls. This can be as simple as just knowing some ideas to create a unique design and pattern.

The color scheme is the first and the most important thing to remember for the home wall decoration. The furniture of the house should match with the color scheme of the walls. The walls should complement the color scheme of the house. If the furniture and the setting of the room are very loud or bright then the walls should be of light or dim color. The bright color of the walls with bright furniture make the room looks small and very congested. If the setting of the house is very light or dim then walls should be of bit bright color. Some people do not like all walls with bright color. So, to add a bright touch in the room, one can paint any one of these four walls to the bright colors.

If you really don’t know how you want to decorate your walls, pick up some home decorating magazines. You can get them on the cheap at garage sales and secondhand bookstores. Go through them quickly, ripping out the pages that speak to you. When you’re finished, look through the pages you picked carefully and notice the patterns. Are you drawn to certain colors, styles, such as country or contemporary, or do you have an eclectic style where you just like a variety of looks? Also, check out the lineup on HGTV and other decorating shows. Take note of what appeals to you, and what would look good in your home.

If you have a hobby or passion, those interests may provide a natural pattern for planning your home interior wall design. Sports fans can mount their team’s pendants, posters, even team shirts, and liberally indulge in their team’s colors. Photographers should definitely use their work to decorate their homes by framing and arranging their best works. Foodies might use menus from their favorite restaurants to decorate their walls, and film buffs’ walls could feature movie posters alongside a group of ticket stubs arranged in an interesting display. Photos of family and friends framed individually or in a collage, make wonderful wall displays.

When you’ve decided how you want to decorate your wall and you have all the items ready to go, draw a plan on a piece of paper first. The usual rule is to hang an odd number of items and not to hang them all in a straight line. Then go ahead, decorate your wall, then relax and enjoy the results.