Yard design ideas can be divided into two – front yard design and backyard design. You should note that front yard design should be handled differently from backyard design. Some aspects to consider include the features to be included in the yard as well the facilities to be used.

Front yard designs should be handled differently than backyards and side yards. They should be easy to maintain and offer color throughout all four seasons. Think of the design as a showcase or spotlight for the house. The design should enhance the architecture and positive attributes of the house. Planting beds and materials should soften the boxy, hard edges of the home without drawing too much attention to themselves.

Front yard design can be intimidating. To make things worse, the home design shows on television focus on elaborate makeovers created with back hoes, large crews, and giant budgets. Many of us are so afraid of making mistakes that we never begin. Year after year, we keep putting our front yard project on hold. Nearly every front yard could benefit from a fresh, well-planned design. This article will take you through some basic front yard design methods that are simple, inexpensive, and effective.

Begin by asking yourself what features you like. What existing features would you like to keep? Unless you just purchased a new home without grass or landscaping, most homes will have existing lawns, plant materials, and walkways that can be saved or improved. Make a list of everything that looks good. This will be your keep list. Now, be brutally honest with yourself; what features will need to be removed or remedied? Look for old, overgrown, messy, or otherwise unhealthy features that should be removed. This will become your remove list. Keep in mind, it’s rarely necessary to eliminate everything and start from scratch. Many trees and bushes can be restored beautifully with careful pruning.

If you’re not sure, prune first, and then make your decision. A hedge trimmer, lopper, and pruning shears can often revitalize an entire yard. Begin by cutting back any branches that are diseased or unattractive. Often, lower branches are brown because they aren’t receiving sunlight. You can remove them first or reshape the bush in a conical shape to restore sunlight to the lower portion. In many cases, just removing the overgrown or unattractive lower branches will be enough to save the tree or brush.

Backyard design is another aspect in the overall yard design ideas. You can start by thinking of the possible facilities you can put into your backyard design such as children’s playground, or tables and chairs and barbecue area for outdoor dining. If you’re a garden enthusiast, you can put up a small garden in there and spend time with it relaxing. You can add up a small pond and water garden and design your own pots and garden container. Plan how you will use and how the natural and man-made lighting will affect your arrangement. You can put up torches, lighting, tweak lights so when that during night time, you can still have a source of soft light and illumination for the area.

Your backyard design must consider time and financial elements too. If you’re the one who’s going to do it, think first of the major parts that should be done first. Then, you can add up the additional elements later. You can finish first simple things that wouldn’t cost much time and effort. You and your family can then enjoy your newly built paradise.