There are varieties of pantry design ideas which can be adopted for new home or renovation. Pantries are very useful and convenient for storing food as well as other goods for easy access. Pantries can come in many different types and some examples are the sliding pantry, freestanding pantry, as well as the utility cabinet.

Pantry tends to reflect the refrigerator where food is stored. It will be the most visited place in a family especially when preparing for a meal or during casual time when members of the family are searching for some snacks. Its main purpose is perhaps, to provide an easily accessible storage place for the food. There are many different types of pantry design which you can implement if you plan to build one for yourself or renovate your current one.

You can always design a pantry that will suit your needs and wants. If space is a constraint for you, you can perhaps design a pull-out pantry. This idea can be trace back to the recreational vehicle industry. This type of pantry is able to slide into a limited space either on the wall or even a cabinet. All the goods are store within the shelves and whenever you need something from the pantry, simply slide out the shelves and slide them back when you are done with it without any hassle.

Freestanding pantries are another option to go for those who do not have sufficient space to install a full-featured pantry. Besides that, it can also be used to add additional storage space for those who are in need of additional space to store the stuff. It can prove its usefulness as well when an individual wants to install a pantry in another room or space such as the laundry room, basement room or some office space.

For improving pantry’s organization, you can always install dividers into it. Basket drawer are another way of doing it. It is advisable that you put different categories of food into a different basket drawer so that you can easily remember the placement of the food whenever you are searching for it.

Utility cabinet is commonly used nowadays as an alternative for those who do not have a pantry at home. They can be installed very easily in a section of a wall near the kitchen. Moreover, there are many different sizes for this type of cabinet which are readily available at the local furniture store. Choosing the suitable is crucial and it will mostly depend on your own preferences as well as the quantity of stuff that you wish to store.