Garden décor is able to enhance the surroundings as well as the look and feel of a home garden. Depending on your choice, there are a wide variety of themes and decoration ideas that you can implement. You may also include your own unique creativity when decorating the garden.

Outdoor Garden Décor

Shrubs and flowers are not the only things that you can put in your garden, so add some visual interest with some DIY garden décor. No matter what style of gardening you prefer, whether you like neatly groomed beds or a lusher, overgrown look, bring some life to your garden with a few decorative elements. Consider the look that you want for your garden and choose decorative touches that bring that look out.

Garden Décor Ideas

If you have a love for wild places and you like your garden slightly overgrown and rustically charming, make yourself a fairy wishing tree. Gather a large amount of small objects, like buttons and old jewelry, and string them up in the lower boughs of a large tree. Hang garlands from the tree made of paper chains or popcorn strings, creating a look of fairy-like glamor. This is an excellent project for young children, especially ones who love fairy tales.

Garden Decorations

If you like a rustic look for your home garden, consider putting up a series of birdhouses. Birds add color and life to your garden and making houses for them helps them rear their young comfortably and safely. Mount birdhouses on posts or hang them from the eaves or from trees. While square or rectangular birdhouses are a pleasant rustic choice, choose birdhouses made from gourds for a more organic shape.

Small Garden Décor

Decorate your garden with objects from around the house or acquired from garage sales and thrift stores. Place an old bowling ball in the middle of your flower bed for a hint of sparkle, or line one edge of your garden with old saucers. Leave old tools resting against the fence for an old farm look or hang small metal objects from a tree as an impromptu wind chime.

Flower Garden Décor

Every garden needs walkways so visitors can enjoy a stroll through the area. Garden paths can be made from bricks or other pavers, cement, gravel, tree mulch and stepping stones. You can easily make your own decorative stepping stones from concrete. You can even add coloring to concrete. Add imprints, florist marbles, stones or other decorations into the concrete before it sets, to add a whimsical feel.

Garden Décor

Garden benches are an essential garden decoration, and both functional and ornamental. A bench can be made of wood, stone, concrete or wrought iron. There are bench styles to match every garden. Place a bench where you would sit to get the best view of your garden, and perhaps some shade from a tree or large bush. If you include other garden ornamentation, place one or more pieces in the direct view from the bench. Make decorative pillows from outdoor fabric for an even more inviting sitting arrangement. Make your own simple garden bench. Patio furniture may not be made for the garden, but you can include a small table with a couple of benches. For a country garden, consider some old spindle chairs with a small table to match. Leave them in their current state or repaint them. Add a polyurethane sealer so they won’t deteriorate outdoors.