Cottage décor ideas tend to be an elegant and attractive decoration for the house’s interior. There are various considerations which you may need to think about such as the theme, paint, wall décor, flooring as well as the décor accessories.

Cottage Decor Ideas

Cottage decorating is inexpensive, whimsical and has a touch of home. You don’t need to live in the country to appreciate cottage style. It can spruce up a condo bathroom or apartment kitchen. Cottage style combines natural elements with femininity and romance.

Cottage Decorating Ideas

When decorating using the cottage style, look to the softest colours of nature to inspire cottage colours. Decorate with pale green, soft lavender or the pink and red found in roses. Finish the colour palette off with lots of white or cream accents for a fresh and airy room. Accessories are a trademark of cottage design. Show off your collection, whether it is sea glass, colourful bottles or plates. Look for architectural elements like vintage corbels to place on a buffet. Shutters can act as window treatments or a room divider. Bring in light with a candle chandelier for an inexpensive way to add feminine romance to a room. Display family photographs in vintage frames or needlework to serve as artwork in the space.

Cottage Home Decor Ideas

Natural wood or light-coloured tile works perfectly in a cottage style home. To add charm to a wood floor, buy floor stencils in the shape of diamonds and paint the shapes onto the floors. Put a top varnish coat on the painted designs to protect them and make them last longer. As a wood floor wears down, it will get a distressed look, which is what you want to create the country cottage design. Add some gingham or striped rugs to add warmth to the room.
When decorating cottage style, you don’t have to rely on any one thing to get the look you want. Feel free to create a mixture of this and that, old and new, the unconventional and the unexpected. You’ll also find that achieving your cottage look need not be expensive: Antique and flea market finds add interest and character to cottage design. Objects with timeworn beauty and unique shapes and colours can be paired together to create visual interest. Imagine an old brass bank next to a collection of sand dollars. A series of tree prints alongside a real bird’s nest. Or a grouping of antique milk bottles used as canisters on a kitchen counter. One of the best things about cottage style is that no two rooms ever have to be alike.

Cottage Style Decor Ideas

So if you’re looking for an interior look that’s uniquely you, fun, easy to change and inexpensive to maintain, cottage style is your window of opportunity.
You may also want to paint the walls in pastel colours, such as light pink, green or tan to give the rooms a relaxed style. Another idea for painting the walls is to go with a two-toned wall. Paint the top half of the wall tan and the bottom half light pink or green. Find a cottage home stencil at your local craft store and paint the cottage houses as a border where the two paints meet. You could also use a cottage home wallpaper border to apply where the two paints meet instead of painting the cottages.

Country Cottage Decor Ideas

Modern Cottage Decor Ideas