For a child, a bedroom is not just a place to sleep but it’s a spot to do school homework, play games, read, daydream, storing toys and a place they want their friend to visit. As you plan out your child’s bedroom, you’ll need a space that serves all those functions, kind of like an all in one room. The ultimate experts on what kids like best are kids themselves, so get them involved in the design process by letting them help with selections. That being said, children’s preferences change often. Boys and girls have different preference towards the room theme so use accessories and colors that be easily replaced. Think about fun, growth and practically when designing or decorating their room.


For your son’s room, it’s good to get the basics rights. Designing a room for your teenage boy isn’t as difficult as it seems. The key is knowing what his hobbies are and what he likes to do with his time. For small rooms, storage organisation are important and when it comes to decorating ideas, there’s not often much difference between boys’ bedroom and girls’ room ideas, but it’s fun to see how others have been inspired when decorating for a boy. Be creative, such upcycling a pre-loved piece, using a bookshelf, or creating a feature wall as a stylish statement.  The design and décor should focus on functionality.

For colors, start with baby blue or light grey. You do not want to have a room that is too dark especially for small rooms. Although the color palette includes mostly blue and brown, but we found some pretty fresh boys’ interiors that have more vivid colors as well. For teenage boys, most of the rooms can have a distinctive “boy” element such as a punching bag, a miniature or a plane, a gaming device and so on. For a teenage boy, his bedroom is like a private space where he can go whenever he wants to be alone, where he can pretty much anything he wants and where he can feel free to add his own touch to the interior décor. If the room is big, and if the room space serves as his bedroom, his office and as a social area, he will want his friends and spend time with them in that room.


It is known that fun and kids bedroom furniture are two things that go hand in hand. There are many various items of kids’ furniture that you can get. Bunk beds are functional and fun as well. Mid-sleepers are ideal for single children who want to have a top bunk. Kids’ need to store a lot of items like toys, clothes and books. Wardrobes, chests and storage boxes can do the job. Beds with fitted drawers are also nice storage ideas. Chairs that look like animals can be a fun factor. Yet if you lack space, you can get a bench of drawers instead of a chair. Don’t forget to provide a small table and a desk lamp for your kid to do his homework.