It is fun to design and decorate girls bedroom. It is known that fun and kids bedroom furniture are two things that go hand in hand. There are many various items of kids’ furniture that you can get. Bunk beds are functional and fun as well. Mid-sleepers are ideal for single children who want to have a top bunk. Kids’ need to store a lot of items like toys, clothes and books. Wardrobes, chests and storage boxes can do the job. Beds with fitted drawers are also nice storage ideas. Chairs that look like animals can be a fun factor. If there is limited space, you can get a bench of drawers instead of a chair. Don’t forget to provide a small table and a desk lamp for your kid to do his homework. Besides reflecting the teen’s interest, a teen bedroom should also be functional for doing studies and homework, socializing with friends and for resting.

Do not be afraid to introduce varieties of colors to your child. A rainbow of bright hues shines through the room and touches everything from pillows to walls. When using a strong palette of colors, repeat a particular element to create a sharp look. You can use a neutral color, such as white, for furniture, to soften bold colors as well. For teenagers, deciding on the perfect colors can be a bit tricky. Unlike the other rooms in your home, your teen will usually have very strong feelings about what you do to his or her personal space. This is definitely an area where you need to proceed with caution and collect as much input as you can before you begin. It’s better to get your daughter involved in deciding the color theme.


As for the room decoration, you may check if your daughter on what furniture she likes to include.  For girlie type, pinks or lavenders with white furniture, colorful bedding and sparkly sequined accents will feel just right. Fun-loving daughters may want to add some huge polka dots to their interior room colors. Vibrant blues and pinks with contemporary bedding in a coordinating pattern will be exciting and interesting. Today’s creative girls may be drawn to the energy of bright orange tempered with a pale shade of green or purple.


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