Fireplace decoration ideas can be a central focus for a house. Various decorating themes can be implemented and you may as well use your own creativity in making it as unique as you want it to be.

Modern Fireplace Decoration Ideas

As a focal point in any room with a fireplace, a fireplace mantel offers great decorating potential. While a fireplace itself imbues the room it’s in with a certain grace, a well-decorated mantel can make a specific stylistic statement. Fireplace mantels can be used for both decoration and to display art or photos, making them aesthetically pleasing as well as useful.

Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

Whether you are celebrating a specific holiday or simply ringing in a new season, the mantel, as a central focal point in a room, can easily be used to incorporate seasonal changes into the decor of your home. In the early days of spring, while there is still a chill in the air but flowers have begun to bloom, decorating your mantel with pastel colors and new flowers can bring the hope of spring into your home. In early fall, colored leaves make excellent decorations. In winter, you may want to use evergreen boughs of holly to bring the beauty of winter into your home.

Fireplace Decoration

Candles come in all shapes and sizes and can be functional or ornately decorative. These little bursts of light can bring an elegant glow to your fireplace mantel. Use simple white tea lights to create a soft glow or larger, scented and colorful candles to bring variety and texture to your mantel decorations. Balance is an important part of decorating, so be sure to create an arrangement of candles that is aesthetically appealing. This doesn’t mean you must create a display that is symmetrical; however, pay close attention to the size of the candles and the color of the candles and how these factors fit into the decor already in the room.

Fireplace Decoration Ideas

To achieve a contemporary design for your fireplace, one idea is to construct it to have multiple openings. Only one chimney is necessary, but the actual opening of the fireplace can extend to appear as though there are two or three columns and that each has a separate fireplace. If you do not want your fireplace to look like separate columns, examine the rest of your decor and build a bookcase fireplace with large square shelf areas; design the bookcase to have the corners as the opening of the fireplace, or design one at the top and another at the bottom. This only gives the illusion of multiple fireplaces; they are all connected.

Fireplace Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Artistry can be applied to fireplaces whether they are built inside of the wall or as a separate unit. Take advantage of the space around your fireplace if it is built inside of the wall, and decorate this space. One idea is to use the space around the fireplace to make it look like it is a framed picture of a fireplace hanging on the wall. Instead of a low-hanging picture, you can also design the fireplace to be built higher and imitate a flat-screen television. If you want your fireplace in the corner of the room, design the area around the corner as if it is an abstract piece of work. Extend the mantel piece with oblong shapes and have the area underneath the fireplace extended as well; also incorporate a variety of colors.

Fireplace Décor

Family portraits may seem like an obvious choice for a fireplace mantel; however, you can creatively build on this common tradition by using striking frames or unconventional picture displays. For instance, using a silver frame with ornate carvings on the edge instead of a simple, thin black frame can drastically change the effect a picture has. You may also want to experiment with a picture tree. This is a collection of interconnected frames that are built together. This has an artistic effect–picture trees often look like sculptures–as well as a domestic family touch.

Decoration Ideas For Fireplace