combination living room and dining roomcombination living room and dining room

a. You may be able to have any colour you choose and specify.
b. It’s obviously environmentally friendly to recycle your old sofa covers.
c. Last but not least it can work out significantly more cost effective than purchasing a new sofa or covers, saving you a ton of money and giving you full control over the colour and mood of your room.

So now you have complete colour control. Lets look at the psychology of colour and how it can help to give your room a particular feel. You don’t want to get this wrong and have a room that has an aggravating effect on you or your guests mood. Pale colours will help a room look larger, while dark colours and busy wall coverings will make the room look smaller. Neutral coloured flooring will blend with any colour scheme, adding rugs can add colour and texture.By John D Rodger

decorating ideas for a small living roomdecorating ideas for a small living room

leather living roomleather living room

chairs living room

chairs living room

modern living room

modern living room and black sofa

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