As you can see, interior design work is so much more than just decorating a room and making some additional space. This means that another important aspect of a professional interior designer is to be able to properly budget a job and stay within that budget. Some of these jobs may even require the designer to select the contractors to do the work. This includes painters, plumbers, electricians, contractors among others. Keep in mind that interior designers may also work with many different people in various fields.

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Before long you may find yourself moving up the ladder. The good news is that as you start off you will begin making those all important contacts and building up a portfolio. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either, it’s just that you need to be prepared for it or you will be disappointed. Well, she didn’t and what she soon found out was that she had to take on a an entry level interior design job instead.

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I tried telling her it just doesn’t work this way unless you have some powerful connections. I have a good friend who went through interior design school and thought she would immediately become a top interior designer making a fantastic salary. To get to this point will take several years of school and knowledge in areas of interior design such as fabrics, color coordination, computers for CAD programs as well as the ability to put everything together.  That is just roughly what it takes, but of course there is more to it than that.

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