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Buying a living room sofa can be very confusing since there are some factors to be considered before buying it. While it is very essential to consider the sofas color and style, it is equally important to consider factors like the shape, size and functionality. A perfect sofa will not only give your room a touch of elegance but will also provide you a sense of relaxation. On the contrary, a wrong sofa can spoil the looks of your room and prove to be visually annoying rather than pleasing.

Choose the Correct Size
Before buying a living room sofa, make sure that you have measured the area of your room where you will be placing your sofa. However, if you have decided to transform your room completely, then it would be helpful to take measurements of the whole living room. You might have an idea of placing the sofa against the wall but what if you change your mind later on? A perfectly sized sofa will adjust itself to any corner of the room. A large over sized sofa will cramp up a small room whereas a small sofa would go unnoticed in a big room.

Durability is another factor to be considered while buying a living room sofa. If you are buying a sofa for a formal living room and will be rarely using it, you will most probably prefer the stylish sofa. However, if you are going to extensively use the sofa, then the color and fabric of the sofa is also to be considered. Especially when you have children or pets at home, it is most likely that the sofa will be stained. Hence a light color such as white or cream should be avoided. Go for fabrics such as polyester or other synthetic fibers that are durable and are easy to maintain as compared to other materials. Sofa made of materials such as acrylic, olefin and microfiber may also prove to be a good choice. Fabrics with loose weave have the tendency to tear quickly when used roughly.

The construction of the sofa is very important to consider while buying. It would be unwise of a person to invest in an inexpensive sofa since it might actually cost more in its maintenance in the long run. Go for a living room sofa that is well-built with wooden frame and tough joints as it will last much longer. If you buy a sofa that is upholstered in high quality durable fabric, you will definitely feel the returns on your investment. Moreover, you don’t even have to replace the sofa every couple of years.

Style and Design
Style matters a lot when it comes to grooming your room with a living room sofa. Not only does it enhance the looks of your room but it also portrays your personality and style of living. You can buy sofa according to the looks of your living room that is traditional or contemporary. Take note of the interiors of your home so that deciding the color of the sofa will become easier. Moreover, sofa with modern style patterns and prints will look quite stunning, especially if accompanied by solid color cushions.