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Modern kitchen cabinets designModern kitchen cabinets design

Kitchens have changed a lot in recent years. They are no longer tucked out of sight and instead are often the fulcrum of a house, central to all it’s going ons. Kitchens are no longer only a place where food is prepared and now are used for entertaining or just relaxing. Because of the variety of activities that now take place in a kitchen, special care needs to be taken when designing one.

Finding a good kitchen layout is a complex process and what may suit one set of people may be entirely different to another but here are 4 principles that you should try and follow if designing a kitchen:

-Before you start, make sure the room is accurately measured. You will also need to measure doorways and windows so that you can plan around them.

-Separate the kitchen into 4 main areas: 1] Storage. 2] Food Preparation. 3] Cooking. 4] Cleaning.

– When planning the layout of the above areas, try to keep food preparation, cooking and cleaning close to each other and if possible in a triangle. This will mean you move efficiently when in the kitchen.

-Make a list of all the appliances you wish to use in the kitchen and also list the services that they need to function e.g. a dishwasher needs a waste pipe. This may influence where items need to go.

Although every house is different, there are 4 main types of kitchen style in modern houses. They are:

This shape is ideal for kitchens that are in the corner of a house and help to maximise floor space.

The ‘Island’ kitchen is only really suitable for very large kitchens. It involves having a separate unit in the middle of the kitchen which often houses the cooker but can also be used for food preparation.

‘Galley’ or ‘Corridor’
This is suitable for smaller kitchens where the worktops are facing each other. This should be avoided if possible as it is not conducive to entertaining.

In my opinion, this is the best kitchen layout for small kitchens as it provides access to all areas and really maximises the use of space. It also works really well when the kitchen is part of a open plan living area as it enables your guests to talk to whilst you are preparing food.

As you may have gathered designing a kitchen is tough so should only really be done by experts, who should have access to some great kitchen design software which will perform a lot of the complex calculations for you.