As long as you are prepared for the fact that your kitchen will not You can prepare for this ahead of time by preparing meals that you can freeze and re-heat in the microwave, or you can get well acquainted with your barbecue. Get acquainted with a local restaurant where the food is healthy and affordable; your kitchen renovation is going to take some time. If you do hire a contractor, be sure that you have a kitchen renovation contract in place before work begins.

This can sometimes be the deal breaker on kitchen renovations due to the cost of complete replacement of the plumbing if the problem is severe. You will either need to hire a competent plumber for your kitchen renovation to replace the pipes so that they work with your new appliances and fixtures or you will have to live with what you have for now as long as there is not lead contamination. There is no real cost effective way around this. This sort of thing most often occurs in older homes that may also have lead in the construction of the pipes, which is something you should be looking out for anyway to avoid poisoning and contaminated water. Some homeowners with the “do it yourself” attitude sometimes do not do it to code, or do it wrong entirely, forcing you to either rethink that new sink and dishwasher or replace the plumbing entirely.

Wrinkle In Your Kitchen Renovation Plans