Perfect for anyone with a love for books, an in-home library provides the convenience and the luxury of enjoying your collection in comfort and style. Formerly found only in large and extravagant homes, personal libraries are becoming more popular in the average family home. While having a separate room entirely dedicated to your collection of books is the best way to create an in-home library, it is not always necessary.

Select A Room
To begin the process of designing and creating your home library, first pick the location within your home where you would like it to be. Rooms you do not plan to use for any other purpose work best. Some good locations to set up a library include: Spare bedrooms, Dens, Living rooms, Studies room.

Do not build a library in basements, as they can become damp or flood and damage your collection of books. Further, avoid creating a library in rooms with excessive sunlight, as this too can damage books. The best locations are dry, but kept darker than the average room to prevent fading.

If you do not have a spare room to dedicate solely to the library, consider dedicating one wall of your living room, den, bedroom or study to a single, large bookshelf. While the entire room won’t be designated to your books, having one expanse of wall designed around them can be nearly as impactful.

Once you have selected the room in which you will place your library, the next step is creating the perfect arrangement of functional and stylish furniture. Every home library should include the following:
– Large wooden bookcases, arranged along two to four of the room’s walls
– Large reading desks to spread out reference books and paperwork
– Comfortable reading chairs to enjoy your favorite books in
– Side tables next to every chair or couch
– A library ladder for tall bookshelves

If you rent your property, it is a good idea to only use freestanding bookshelves rather than installing recessed ones. If you own your property and are free to renovate as you please, recessed shelves offer the storage of full sized bookshelves without encroaching on the size of the room.

For rooms only partially dedicated to your personal library, purchase a single large bookshelf to place against one wall of the room, as well as a comfortable reading chair in one corner.

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