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Curtain Design Ideas

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

There are many different types of curtain design ideas and choosing a suitable one will mostly depends on style of your house, and also your personal preferences and liking. When choosing a curtain for your house or room, it is very important for you to take consideration into the fabric to be used, curtain rod and ring, as well as the curtain accessories.

Curtains aren’t always the first thing that comes to a homeowner’s mind when they’re thinking of redecorating a room, but changing your home’s curtain design is actually an ideal way to dramatically transform a room without spending a lot of money, time or effort. Fortunately, interior design in the modern age no longer requires adherence to a strict set of rules. Regardless of whether or not your home is English country, French Provencal, Mediterranean, Southwestern, Cape Cod, nautical, Japanese, Swedish, or even ornate Italian, you can easily find a curtain design that will flatter your home and showcase its windows.

Before deciding on a curtain design, consider first your home’s particular style. If your furnishings and accessories are straight out of a Scandinavian cottage, you’ll probably want simple, light curtains and hanging rods, or maybe even just a waft of sheer fabric to maximize the natural light that filters through the window.

Japanese interiors are equally minimalist in their look and generally eschew fancy window treatments. Try traditional rice paper shutters that can slide open or close when needed or even bamboo shades that you can roll up and down. Both diffuse light well and offer privacy without sacrificing style.

Italian and English style rooms, on the other hand, demand more opulent fabrics and designs. English country homes can never be accused of being minimalist, but therein lays their charm. Curtain design for English homes should extend the feeling of comfort and warmth the room evokes, so try heavy drapes that puddle comfortingly on the floor, tiebacks for those days when you yearn for sunlight, and tassels for a touch of elegance. Italian homes should incorporate similar elements, but you can also add rich colors and fabrics as well, such as thick silk and hand-embroidered materials.

When looking for ideas, consider the current style of the room you want to put curtains in traditional wood and stylish furniture need roofs, traditional windows. That does not mean you need to buy traditional window coverings. Sheer window scarves drapes with a classic look to improve. That can cover a variety of ways for a more tailored look, or a freer flowing, elegant style.

One of the most popular styles of today is curtains eyelet curtain. Such curtains metal is sharp holes in the top of the screen built into the fabric. Hanging the curtains through the implementation of a curtain rod through the holes or using curtain rings inserted into the holes for hanging curtains on the road. Either way, this style seems to have been inspired by the simple shower curtain fabric.

Curtain design needn’t be complicated or time-consuming, but you should take the time to study your rooms, how they flow into each other, and what “theme” (if any) your current design has. You may even decide to use the services of a designer who specializes in window treatments and curtain design. They can help you decide what would flatter your interiors the most and where you can find the best curtains within your budget.

Curtain accessories can make a huge change in the shades with minimal effort and cost. A unique idea is to use auctions Cortina. These are the accessories that are attached to the end of the curtain rod. They come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from modern traditional. You can buy the curtain rod connected with the auction or purchase the curtain auction separately.