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Bar Décor

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Bar décor includes many considerations such as the styles and themes of the decorations, seating for the bar, glassware arrangement, signs as well as the furnishing of the bar.

Decorating a bar allows you to showcase your interests with collectible items and memorabilia. Create an area for friends to gather to watch the big game or a spot to host the guys for a poker night. Make sure the room is functional for entertaining with a place to keep beverages cold and storage for serving dishes. A tremendous bar décor can also attract more customers who enjoy the taste of the décor.

First of all, you will need to decide on a decorating style and theme. Think about the space. Consider creating a truly bar-like design with sports memorabilia and a pool table if the bar is a separate room in the house. However, if it is part of another room, keep the decor similar to the attached room. Think about how the bar will be used. Will it be where you watch a game on TV? Or will it be a place for entertaining guests before dinner? Select a theme matching your interests, such as sports, hunting or gambling. Choose a decorating style and theme that fits both the space and the use.

Then you will have to select comfortable seating for the bar. Purchase two to four bar stools to pull up around the bar. Look for bar stools with padded cushions and high backs that match the height of the bar. Take into account the need for extra seating areas for entertaining guests. Consider a few lounge chairs or a large, comfortable sofa. Look for fabrics matching the theme of the room. Depending on the size of the room, think about purchasing a high bar table and chairs. Once you are picking bar stools for the lounge decor there are many points to take into consideration about the stools. These points involve the durability, height, swivel, design, and much more. Bar stools can fully tweak the way the bar seems to be once you decide on the suitable style.

Longevity is very important once you are picking this kind of products. Also, though you want stylish lounge decor, you need to make sure the bar stools are durable. They are generally tipped over, individuals sit on them, put their feet on them, and they are very hard on them. You want to make sure the bar stools you decide on are very durable or you may discover you need to change them too often. This can cost you much money if you go with a less costly and less durable stool. The height of your stools for the lounge decor must be thought of also. The very best point one can do is purchase a lot of diverse heights of stools. Perhaps you should decide on a common dimension for regular height people but get a couple of lower ones for the taller pack and a couple of taller types for the shorter people. You should discover if all of the stools are too high and uncomfortable for people to fit under the bar and most people stay away from the bar area.

Every bar needs festive glassware, serving dishes, koozies, coasters and drinks. Think about what you and your guests enjoy drinking, and purchase appropriate glassware to serve those beverages. Look for serving dishes matching the theme of the bar. For example, you could look for snack dishes in the shape of footballs or toothpicks with playing cards on the end. Make sure you have enough koozies and coasters for entertaining. Create a spot behind the bar for beverages. It should be easily accessible for guests.

Signs to personalize your home bar area are almost limitless and are available in many materials from wood, metals and plastics, some are even illuminated using neon lights. You can find popular beer signs, wine and spirits signs, sports bar signs and man cave signs to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Furnishings and decorative pieces for your bar area can consist of mirrors, custom lighting, billiard lamps, paintings, framed photographs, wall art, wine cabinets and wine racks. Modern bar furniture, classic bar furniture, custom seating and tables can add a comfortable look and feel to this area of your home. Themes for your home bar design are limitless, they can consist of a tropical setting, sports bar setting, English pub setting, old west setting, pool side setting or an open patio setting just to name a few.

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